Class schedule, minimum/maximum enrollment, refunds, other

  • Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If class is canceled due to exigent circumstances (e.g. inclement weather), we will try to reschedule, but cannot guarantee a make-up class.
  • Because classes have minimum enrollment requirements, let the after-school coordinator know as soon as possible, before the start of session, if your child can no longer participate.
  • Because classes also have maximum enrollment limits, you will be notified as soon as possible if we cannot accommodate your child in a class.
  • Providers have varying policies regarding refunds.  Ask for details if this is a question for you.
  • All families will need to sign and submit a waiver of participation for the participating student which will be provided to families after confirmation of student’s enrollment.

Dismissal Information

  • Parent pick-up and walkers will be dismissed from the main doors.  Horizon kids will be taken directly to Horizon.
  • There is no childcare provided after class.  Please be sure to pick up your child on time.  Some programs allow a 10-minute grace period but then charge $1/minute thereafter, based on the school clock.  This should be paid directly to the instructor.  Multiple late pick ups will lead to your child not being able to participate any longer in the class.

Behavior Policy

  • All students are expected to behave in such a way that does not disrupt the class for other students or the instructor
  • All student are expected to comply with Rolling Terrace and MCPS rules of behavior (e.g., respectful, responsibly, safe and prepared)

Inappropriate behavior will be handled as follows:

Although instructors will generally follow a process as described below, we reserve the right to remove a child from a class at any point due to disruptive or dangerous behavior.

  1. Reminder to the student about expectations for behavior 
  2. Warning and possible time out from the activity to help student refocus and rejoin group
  3. Class coordinator contacts parent/guardian to share concerns
  4. If a second phone call/email is necessary, parent/guardian will be informed that the student can no longer participate in that after-school program. No refund will be provided.