The RT PTA supports many activities and groups that help to build connections among the larger RT community, including students, teachers, staff, and their families. Highlights of these community support activities include:

RT Community Events

Throughout the school year, the RT PTA hosts many special events for the RT community. These events include Latin Dance Night, a night of Latin food and dance for all ages, Bingo Night, and Fun ‘n’ Fit Fest, an end-of-year carnival-type event. The success of these events depends on volunteers, so please donate your time and support to events that interest you. Visit the PTA calendar for a complete, up-to-date listing of each month’s special events.

Student Directory

Each year the RT PTA collects contact information for each student’s parents or guardians in each of RT’s classes and sends this information home in a Student Directory. This directory makes it easier to keep in touch with other RT families.



Padres Latinos in Acción



The Takoma Park 5K Challenge (TKPK5K) is an annual community event that promotes Takoma Park’s Safe Routes to School program and raises funds for the PTAs of Takoma Park’s five elementary schools, including RT. The TKPK5K is held each year on the first Sunday in May.