Walk to School Day!

We had a great morning at Rolling Terrace welcoming all of the students to school! Did you know that in 1970, 66% of children walked to school, but today, only 13% walk? Let's increase that percentage! Look for the sign up sheet for Walking/Wheeling Wednesdays in your child's backpack and make the change!

Here are some fun facts about walking from:  http://facts.randomhistory.com/walking-facts.html:

  1. The longest walk around the world was completed by a former neon-sign salesman, Jean Beliveau. He walked 46,600 miles around 64 countries. The trip took him 11 years.
  2. The United States walks the least of any industrialized nation. The average Australian takes 9, 695 steps per day (just a few short of the ideal 10,000), the average Japanese takes 7,168; the average Swiss: 9,650; and the average American just 5,117.
  3. Given that the world is about 25,000 miles in circumference and that the average walking rate is 3 miles per hour, it would take a person walking nonstop approximately 347 days to walk around the world.
  4. A typical pair of tennis shoes will last 500 miles of walking.

Special thanks to Stephanie Madrigal, Jen Reilly, Dr. Palladino, Lucy Neher and all of the volunteers that came out to help today!