This Week at RT: Barsky's Beard-Os and Step Afrika

There are too many good pictures from the last week at Rolling Terrace ES to pass up a blog post. 

Last Friday, February 19th, was GeoBowl. 3rd grade teams competed in the morning including Lerman's Lightning (picture on the right).

Lerman's Lightning were well-dressed, but they were outdone by 4th grade team Barsky's Beard-Os who competed in the afternoon (picture on left). 5th grade had their final GeoBowl competition in the afternoon and 5th grade students should now be well-versed on all of world geography!

Many thanks to Rachel Hardwick, Becky Robert, Theresa Kowal and all of the many other volunteers who made GeoBowl happen!

For those of you with younger kids, this is what you have to look forward to with GeoBowl over the next few years! Here's a picture of the 3rd grade competition in progress (below).

And, lastly, on February 22nd and 24th, students witnessed energetic performances by Step Afrika to celebrate Black History Month. Special thanks to Emily Pierce, Mindy Kassaraba, and Terry Seery who helped to host Step Afrika at RTES.

What will next week bring? (pssst: mark your calendars for March 4th - it's Latin Dance!)