More Thank Yous!

Rolling Terrace PTA is so fortunate to have many amazing programs and one of them is our Spring Book Fair. At the Spring Book Fair, we provide a voucher for $5 to each student at Rolling Terrace to pick out their very own book to take home. This year, the book selection was extra-awesome and we saw very happy, faces on all of the students! Many thanks to fair extraordinaire Leigh Sours (I don't know what we would do without her!), book advisor Mindy Kassaraba (she can match any child to the perfect book), and chief eraser expert Michaela Johnson (she can find you an eraser that smells like chocolate or a ping-pong eraser set).  The book fair would not have happened without many of our dedicated volunteers, chief among them Theresa Kowal, Terry Seery, Jenna Gibson and Kate Schofield.

Here was my favorite purchase from the Spring Book Fair:

Parents were not the only ones to be thankful; Ms. Wiles sent the PTA a lovely thank you card as well as letters from her students. Here are two of the letters:

Book Fair is not the only thing to be thankful for at RT PTA! Last week, our student directories were distributed. These guides will be easy to recognize with their canary yellow covers. They take many hours of volunteer work, especially this year, as the data collection process was done entirely from scratch. Thank you to our directory team: Eliza Booth, Natalie Miller, David Attis and Theresa Kowal for your work in making this year's directory happen!  If you found that your family was not listed in the directory, but you would like to be included, please visit to input your information. At that site, you can also find out how to download the free AtoZ app which gives you access to all of the RT directory info.

And, last but not least, thank you to Megan Gallagher for organizing our Mark's Kitchen fundraiser on Tuesday. Mark's Kitchen was packed all evening long. Thank you to all of the RT families that came out to support our PTA!