Minigrant Application Now Online!

Rolling Terrace PTA is pleased to announce that last school year almost $4000 in minigrants were awarded. The PTA minigrants program is open to RTES staff and parents, and it provides a vital way for the PTA to support enrichment and support learning at our school.  As background, the program begins with an application.  Interested persons complete an application to apply for a minigrant; next, the RTES PTA Minigrant Committee reviews the application and determines whether the grant should be funded.  The PTA also consults with RT administration to see if the requested items are in line with any applicable MCPS guidelines and curriculum.  In evaluating the applications, the PTA considers the overall impact of the request, hoping to fund projects or items that reach the most students and will last through multiple years. 


In 2015-16, the RTES PTA funded approximately 18 minigrants, involving a wide range of applications.  Minigrant applications funded last year include materials that will enhance student learning (such as magazine subscriptions, funding for reading incentive programs, and teacher resource materials); increase technological exposure (such as subscriptions to education websites, as well as Chromebooks and Kindles); create hands-on learning experiences (such as manipulables for our Pre-K classrooms); support the arts (supplies for instrumental music); and help with school administration (such as materials to assist with morning announcements and classroom transitions).


We want to say thank you to all of our staff and community members who applied for these grants! And, thank you, also, to our parents and community members who made a financial donation to Rolling Terrace PTA in order to make this program possible!


The deadlines for applying for a 2016-17 minigrant are October 14th and January 13th. The application is found here.