Dear RTES Parents:

IT’S READ-A-THON TIME!!!  Our big spring fundraiser is here that not only helps support our teachers and school, but helps push our children to read!

It is a 2-Week Reading Event (starting Monday) and students may use their nightly class assigned reading toward reading goals.  Please encourage them to “Go for The Gold” and read even more over the next 2 weeks!  We have some inspirations included in our plans for this activity:

  • Click on the links for the Read-A-Thon instructions, Reading log and pledge sheets.  Your child should receive a paper copy from their teacher no later than Monday afternoon so please look in their back-pack.  Please encourage the kiddos to read read read over Spring Break and bring their logs in AFTER the break is over.  Last read-a-thon reading day is April 2.
  • Packets and donations will be due NO LATER than the Friday 4/6, the week after Spring Break.  Please be sure those packets are turned in as the tallying will being immediately! 
  • For the fundraiser, someone can give a donation or pledge an amount per page or minute read. Whatever works for you! 
  • The Book Fair will be coming up shortly after the end of the Read-a-Thon so we will include a coupon for buying a book at the book fair in the prizes!
  • There will be prizes!   School prizes: 1) for the child with the most TIME read in the school, 2) for the class (by percent of class) with the most TIME read in each grade, 3) for the child who raised the most money, 4) All children who read 2hour/week or more will be entered into a raffle prize (date of raffle TBD). 
  • In every class there will be recognition prizes for highest reading and fundraising but ALL participants will get a token gift for participating (NO FUNDRAISING IS NEEDED, IF THEY TURN IN A LOG THEY PARTICIPATED).  But fundraising is much appreciated (our Tiger Appeal was down this fall and we need your support!)

IMPORTANT – please please be sure that the forms are turned into the child’s READING TEACHER.  While the PTA again plans to use a part of this fundraiser to provide support to all teachers in setting up their classroom next year, it is really important that the READING TEACHER turns in the forms.  Please note if your child is in the AM or PM class for the teacher.

Also, this is my eighth and final year at RTES, and I would LOVE to have another parent to help this year and continue this great fundraiser in next and future years.  I work full-time but it is possible to do this job at the same time (even more possible with more help).  Please let me know if you would be interested in supporting fundraising next year, or take on this specific event.   For this year, we would schedule a time to meet at my house, tally the packets, discuss the prizes and strategy for giving them out.  (My 13 year old will be assisting in data entry for SSL hours). 

Finally, remind your kiddos: Dr. Marcus has again agreed that if half the kids turn in their forms he will come to school with purple hair! 

Thank you and happy reading,


Mom of Dylan Rinaldi (5th)

PTA Fundraising Chair